How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs the Natural and Chemical Way – Which one will you Choose?

how to get rid of bedbugsGetting rid of bed bugs can be a frustrating process; however, there is hope.  You just have to decide which route you would rather take to control infestations.  While I have seen many amazing natural methods for eliminating insects, I also realize that not all natural methods will work the way you need them to.

Here’s an example.  I tried many different natural methods to eliminate the fleas in my home.  While they all did seem to make sense, they just did not have the power to kill them at their different stages of life, which is an important part of the process for totally eliminating them.  Thus, I had to turn to the chemicals.

bed bugs up closeHowever, here’s another example for you.   I did find something natural that actually got rid of my tiny ants!  I had to apply it around the base of my house every two months, but it was natural and literally kept the ants out.  So, I am a believer in the power of nature.

I recommend trying all of the natural methods first, and then moving onto the chemicals if they don’t work for you.  That being said, I did find that it appears the chemicals generally used to kill them are actually becoming ineffective as they are becoming immune to these sprays.

Natural Steps for Eliminating Bed Bugs

Preparation Steps

The following steps will kill any live bugs; however, they will not kill the larvae, which is critical for preventing a full blow infestation.

  1. Wash your bedding, drapes, clothing, and anything else you can wash in extremely hot water.
  2. Vacuum your room from top to bottom.   This includes under the bed and frame, your carpet, all upholstery, drapes, windows, lamps, floorboards, ceilings, etc.  Bed bugs are excellent climbers and can get anywhere.
  3. Bring on the heat!  A steamer is ideal for getting the cracks and crevices around your furniture and in the corners of your walls.  After you vacuum, steam the carpet for extra insurance.
  4. Items that can’t be washed or steamed need to be stored in tightly sealed plastic bags.  While they can live up to a year without food, they will eventually suffocate without air.  Leave them in the bags for a least a few weeks.  I personally recommend a few months.
  5. Put on a mattress encasement.

Once you have cleaned and vacuumed every inch of the room, you can move on to the killing process.

Natural Killing Process

Purchase an all-natural bug killer.  It appears that a highly recommended one is called Bed Bug Patrol.  They actually guarantee it will kill 100% of the bed bugs and that it is pesticide free.  Here are just a few others I found online:  KleenGreen, PuraCleen, and BestYet.   These are all natural products that are designed to kill live bugs and the eggs.  They can be used around your pets and children.  You do not have to vacuum after use.

This video from the  University of Maryland Home and Garden is very helpful!  Watch it now!

Chemical Process

There are tons of chemical sprays on the market today.  In general, chemicals can cause skin, eye, and lung irritation.  Simply put, they are not good for your health.  People have opted to have a professional exterminator come in and spray on site.  This can be very expensive.  It will take a number of appointments to kill all of the bed bugs.  The company will come in and coat all of the furniture in your home.  They will then follow up in one week and then again the following week.

Make sure when you make an appointment that you ask them what type of chemical they use.  You do not want something that will just repel them into the walls.  The spray leaves a residue, but supposedly the bed bugs will eat it off.

Final Thoughts

I truly do not believe that the chemical process is necessary, especially because there are actual products available on the market that are natural bed bug killers.  If you were just trying to use homemade concoctions from your pantry, then I might suggest something stronger.

The majority of the work is in preparing for the treatments.  This is generally the case no matter what has infested your home.  Take the time to follow the preparation steps and then make sure you follow up with some type of bedbug killer.

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